podcast with Robin Rice

Podcast with Robin Rice

In this episode I have a conversation with Robin Rice, the internationally published author, social change artist, and mentor to…

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Bill Gaede

Podcast with Bill Gaede

In this episode I have a conversation with Bill Gaede who moved from  the USA to Setubal, Portugal when he…

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Federica Gallus

Podcast with Federica Gallus

When you move to another country and start looking for your tribe a very important part of your quest has…

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Marshall DeCouto

Podcast with Marshall DeCouto

In this episode I have a conversation with Marshall Decouto about what makes us tick. Why do we do the…

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Conrad Harvey

Podcast with Conrad Harvey

When you move to another country it’s only a matter of time before you meet  new people and make friends.…

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Podcast with Andy Tulett

Travelling to another country is not only a great way to learn about different cultures and people but it’s also…

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Lorentz Figenschau

Podcast with Lorentz Figenschau

Moving to another country and adding another chapter to your life can be an amazing experience. As soon as you…

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Stephanie Waasdorp

Podcast with Stephanie Waasdorp

In this episode I have a conversation with Stephanie Waasdorp about her hero’s journey and about moving to Setubal. Why…

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Albert Bonet podcast

Podcast with Albert Bonet

Imagine that life is a game and you can set the rules. How would the game look like? What would…

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Filipa Matta May

Podcast with Filipa Matta May

Moving to another country is an adventure. The automatic pilot switch gets turned off and you become very aware of…

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