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Podcast with Robin Rice

In this episode I have a conversation with Robin Rice, the internationally published author, social change artist, and mentor to leaders from around the world. Her books have been translated into three languages and her social change efforts have been featured in major media in over 30 countries.

Robin has travelled the world to study indigenous leadership, she created the #stopthebeautymadness campaign which was covered by major media in over 30 countries including including The Today Show, Huffington Post Live, E Online, and Shape Magazine.robin rice

She offers courses such as Training Your Inner Warrior, Finding Your Voice, Becoming A Master Storyteller With Your Life, The Art of Inner Inquiry, and This Is Awakening.

As a mentor to leaders she offers life-changing support to high-profile change makers from the political, NGO, entrepreneurial, and arts communities.

In this episode we talk about:

– life’s purpose, how does it look like and how do you find it?
– how to deal with the struggles around finding life’s purpose
– how ancient mythology points us to toward essential truths
– answering the call of the hero’s journey
– shamanism and her experiences with psychedelics
– the death of the ego and soul
– wanting
– how you die well

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