Maand: september 2022

Episode # 23 – The Reward

Episode # 23 – The Reward Happiness doesn’t come from avoiding problems but by solving them. In the heart of…

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Moving to Portugal

It’s been 7 months since we moved to Setubal. We did not plan to move here or any other country…

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Bill Gaede

Podcast with Bill Gaede

In this episode I have a conversation with Bill Gaede who moved from  the USA to Setubal, Portugal when he…

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Episode # 22 – The Heart of Darkness

Episode # 22 – The Heart of Darkness There is a phase in your life where you have to decide…

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Federica Gallus

Podcast with Federica Gallus

When you move to another country and start looking for your tribe a very important part of your quest has…

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