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Podcast with Filipa Matta May

Moving to another country is an adventure. The automatic pilot switch gets turned off and you become very aware of where you are and what you are doing. Everything is new and to me it felt like being unleashed as a kid at Toys R Us for the very first time!

You feel excited because you step into a new world, waiting to be discovered. A different culture to explore, places to visit and new people to meet.

Meeting new people is not only about making new friends, it is also a great way to learn more about yourself. We all have a story to tell about who we are, our dreams and fears and why we moved to a new country.

If you have the courage to go deep into yourself, and dig up and share those stories you will come to a place where you will find real connection. With other people and with yourself because some stories have a magical and healing ingredient.

In this episode of the Unleash The Hero Within podcast I’m talking with Filipa Matta May about her journey. She was an adopted child of a Portuguese family, became a lawyer but found her true passion in writing stories for children. Join me in this inspiring and sometimes emotional conversation where we talk about being present, the best and worst days of our life and speaking your dream into the world.

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