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Beautiful people

One of the most magic ingredients of my journey is not only the places I get to see, it is also  the people I get to meet and the stories they share. We all have a story to tell, a lesson to teach and wisdom to share. The key is to open up and share your story, become an inspiration to others!

A couple of days ago we were fortunate enough to meet a young couple from Belgium, Frederik (35) and Sofia (28). We met at a poolbar (where else) started talking and decided  to have dinner together in one of the most spectaculair restaurants Koh Samui has to offer, the Jungle Club.

Sofia recently lost her mother to cancer after taking care of her for the past 6 years. Her mother died at the age of 53, the same age as Lies. Shortly after her mother died, she lost her father to cancer aswell and in that same year she lost both her grandfathers. That is a lot to deal with for anyone and especially for a young woman of 28. She decided to end this tragic chapter of her life by taking a well needed and long vacation to Thailand with her boyfriend.

So that night she shared her story and ofcourse I was moved by it. Not only by so much tragedy but most of all how she dealt with it. She had experienced so much pain and sadness in such a short period of time, it was enough to drive anyone into darkness, And yet somehow, in all this darkness, she found light and managed to focus on that. It was clear to see that Frederik was her light and vice versa.

Frederik is a walking peace of art. He is covered in tattoos, including his face and I’m sure a lot of people have their thoughts when they meet him for the first time. But the thruth is he’s the sweetest guy with a heart of gold and his dream is to become a tattoo artist. He showed me his artwork and allthough I’m not an expert on the matter, I can see clearly he’s got talent. He’s already taken the first steps into his new carreer and I’m sure he has a promising future ahead.

What made this evening even more memorable was the fact that Frederik proposed to Sofia! I’m gratefull they decided to share that special moment with us!

Needless to say we said goodbye at the end of the night with a big hug. I am gratefull that we got to meet these two beautifull people who opened their hearts and shared their deepest feelings and thoughts with us.

It left me thinking about how fortunate I am with all the ingredients of my life. Here I am travelling the world with the person I love the most, growing, learning, experiencing, dreaming, creating, sharing, inspiring, feeling, becoming and so much more! The word that I have used several times already is gratitude!

And yes, just like you I have desires and dreams. It is easy to get lost in all the things you don’t have and focus on what you want to have. And maybe one day you’ll have all those things or maybe you’ll be dead next year and you wish you had enjoyed the things you did have more.

So instead of feeling sad about the things you don’t have, enjoy the ingredients in life you do have. I challenge you to write down three things right now you are gratefull for in your life. And the next time you feel sad, take out that piece of paper and speak out loud what you’ve written.

Frederik and Sofia, thank you so much for an inspiring evening, your openness and your heartwarming stories. I hope you have a beautifull journey with many magic moments and inspiring people to share them with. Hopefully someday, somewhere our paths will cross once more!

Much love,

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