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Practising fear is conquering fear

There was a time when I spend my ‘special birthdays’ surrounded with my friends, drinking too much alcohol and getting high on ‘spiritual substances’ until the break-a-dawn. Great memories (with some gaps here and there) and insane stories to share. But for my 50th birthday that was not the ingredient I was looking for. I wanted to do something special, something just for me, something really exciting, something to get me high as a kite 

So I decided to jump out of an airplane at 10.000 ft. There is something ‘intimate’ when you’re hanging outside of an airplane and you’re about to jump, falling towards the ground at 200 km/hour. For me it felt like crossing another treshold. I thought I would feel more fear but instead I felt excitement and a strange sense of calmness came over me. Not only was I completely in the moment but I enjoyed every second of it.

I truly believe that ‘practising’ fear is conquering fear. When you are brave enough to put yourself in situations where you have to cross a treshold you will not only grow as a person but you will get closer to who you really are. I’m sure you are familiair with the saying “the magic is outside the comfortzone”, going skydiving might feel uncomfortable but I promise you, it’s a magical experience!

Much love,

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