a community of superheroes

Do you sometimes feel like there is something missing in your life?

Like an unwritten story waiting to be told.

An epic story where you are the hero and possess a unique superpower. A superpower that allows you to touch the heart of others and make a contribution to make the world a better place.

To discover this gift you have to go on an adventerous journey. A journey with great risk but the reward is worth it because it will transform you into a hero.

On this website I will not only tell you about the treasure map that shows you where your treasure is burried but I will share stories of others heroes. Their stories will inspire you to create your own legend!

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away"
- Pablo Picasso


It's going to be an awesome adventure!

Episode # 32 – Enthusiasm is your superpower

Episode # 32 – Enthusiasm is your superpower One of the key ingredients in your journey to discover your gift is enthusiasm. Finding the thing you are truly passionate about needs to be fueled with an unstoppable and unlimited supply of energy that puts sparks in your eyes and sets you soul on fire. Enthusiasm…
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Episode # 31 – How to slay your dragon

Stepping into the unknown can be a scary experience but it’s also an opportunity to transform yourself into a dragon slayer. On your hero’s journey it is inevitable that you will encounter obstacles and challenges disguised as rocks that are blocking your path. These rocks that are blocking your path are being guarded by a…
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Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

Discovering my life’s purpose has been quit a journey for me. After 25 years of being a financial consultant and realizing that this is not who I longer wanted to be I had to find an answer to the question: Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?…
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Episode # 30 – Conquering your fear and magic mushrooms

Episode # 30 – Conquering your fear and magic mushrooms Plant medicine and psychedelics can be a valuable ingredient in your hero’s journey and the discovery of your legendary story. When the opportunity presented itself to go on a spiritual journey with magic mushrooms I didn’t have to think twice. Little did I know that…
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nothing compares to you

Episode # 29 – Nothing compares to you

Episode # 29 – Nothing compares to you How to deal with comparing yourself to other people? The more we compare ourselves to others, the worse we feel about ourselves. Comparing ourselves to others is toxic for many reasons, but the one that’s most damaging is what it does to our self-worth. We feel “less than”…
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meet the parents

Episode # 28 – Meet the parents

Episode # 28 – Meet the parents A very important ingredient of the journey are your parents. If you think of all the coincidences that had to take place so you could be born in this world it’s nothing short of a miracle, without them you wouldn’t exist. I am back in Holland for an…
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The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.


Wie is Marcel Lahaije

Wat doe je wanneer je voelt dat er iets wezenlijks in jou ontbreekt? Juist op het moment dat je volgens de norm optimaal gelukkig zou moeten zijn omdat je succesvol bent. Wacht jij tot dat knagende gevoel voorbij gaat of kijk je het aan? En dan ook echt diep in de ogen? Omdat je wel voelt dat dit heavy stuff is.

Marcel Lahaije kent dat vretende gevoel als geen ander.Hij had de moed om het als een wake up call met beide handen op te pakken en ging op zoek naar antwoorden.

You are the storyteller of your own life and you can create your own legend

"Marcel kan het beste uit jezelf omhoog halen, hij stelt superscherpe vragen die echt doordringen tot de kern waarmee hij mensen een cadeau geeft!"

Maartje Koper

Geld mindset coach, wet van Aantrekkings- kracht expert en Business coach

"Marcel kan verhalen uit jou halen die je helpen om de schat uit jezelf te halen"

Reggie Nelissen

Energetisch Leiderschap en Business coach

"Ik word heel erg vrolijk van zijn verhalen die uit zijn hart komen, inspirerend zijn en stof tot nadenken geven"

Debbie van Weelden

ondernemer & founder van Lois Lee Skincare Products

"Praten met Marcel geeft zoveel energie en dat voelt zo ontzettend lekker aan!"

Patty Golsteijn

Miss Cut The Crap

Fear prevents you from becoming the superhero you are destined to be


  • PLease be aware that joining the superhero community is absolutely free and without any obligations. It will most likely inspire you to become a genuine, certified, bona fide superhero yourself.
  • This will eventually lead to a f*ckin’ awesome life where you will experience many magic moments and meet inspiring people to share them with.
  • Ofcourse I respect your privacy and you have my word that I will never sell or give any information to another person or company.